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I miss Jess ;A; (& CCA Bazaar!)
Date: Wednesday, 9 February 2011 10:59 pm

Because flailing with her on Twitter is so much fun. Curse you Time Zones.

Today there's CCA Bazaar! Wanted to join Shooting, but they said that it has been closed down?! WTH?! So in the end, I wrote down my name for Photography, Guitar, CCC, Drama and Yoga trails. But I think I'm so going to get into photography no matter what. But I would have to get my own DSLR! (I want one anyway~)

My classmates are awesomely hilarious people. Photography ended up as Pornography and Pervert Face ends up as Burger Face. Awesome? :D

Wouldn't be joining my class for lunch tomorrow after lecture. *cries* I have Chingay so I'll have to rush back home :\


Oh yes;
I think my argumentative essay for GP is like a speech instead of an argumentative essay. 
I think I'm failing it.