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Perching On The Soul
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I love Chinese.
Date: Thursday, 17 February 2011 9:20 pm

(Taken during SR Picnic)

I know I love my school, and I adore my friends :D They are so cute and funny, and because of that, my cough is getting from bad to worst now. :3 on the side note, I should eat lesser tomorrow because I'm probably gonna stuff myself during dinner. I grew fat ;A;

I realised that I miss my childhood a lot.

How to say? I miss my childcare friends and some primary school friends so much now. Though I miss Secondary school friends so much tons more. (:

School was kind of good, since I'm enjoying Chinese to like, crazy! :D I love my Chinese teacher, which is like so super cute. He thought that I'm a very fluent Chinese speaker, and that made me laugh like crazy. Though I'm all proud that he said that I would get good Chinese results for my A levels if I'm hard working, which made me real happy.

Probably because me and LayLing made him kind of impressed!
with our fluent speaking of that super duper tongue twister and our performance for today's little game! We're an awesome pair 8D

I feel like ditching econs tutorial. No I shall bring it to school and do tomorrow. Today I'll update some more fics. :D *Am evil*

Tomorrow will meet husbando, cousin and friend for dinner! I miss them to bits!