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Happy Valentines!
Date: Monday, 14 February 2011 9:38 pm

Happy Valentines everyone! 
I'm too cool for a Valentine, so yes, I'm all alone for this year too.

Though there are many friendship chocolates~ and a lollipop flower!

YanHan and I decided to go crazy and just give each other something on White Day 8D *dances* However, it's like ... I'm super pissed at Econs tunneling into my timetable. Why can't they arrange the tutorial properly first?! Goddamnit.

The only day that I'm looking forward now is next week's Friday. All the other days on my timetable sucks, BIG TIME. Oh yes, my PE teacher kind of rocks. A friendly looking old man xD *whacked* though I feel that we'll be running quite a lot.

Ran 480m with them today after PE! Kind of crazy, but that almost killed all of us :3

Will now go to sleep because I'm tired. 8D (anyway, I have nothing to hand up tomorrow!)

And I owe the people of LJ (aka my readers) a Valentine fic :3 I'll just post it up after a few days when I get 6 more drabbles up.