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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Tuesday, 8 February 2011 6:53 pm

Yama-chan Keito, if you lay a hand on my girlfriend, I definitely won’t forgive you! Laying a hand on her, or even just being nice to her normally, I won’t forgive you!  Yuto Me too! I’ll whack your butt with my drumsticks! (laughs)

Keito If it was me and Yama-chan, I would just tap Yama-chan on the shoulder and go “Ganbare yo!” and it would end really peacefully (laughs)

First two sentence, I've interpreted it as YamaJima. (like hell yeah.) and the next one is Keito being all "Yuto's your's" 8D Alright, I'm crazy.

In the afternoon, went to Mac at Heartland Mall with 1A06 classmates! (though we're missing some people.) Had a great time laughing with YanHan, LayLing and Arffah! Gosh, super funny!

During Geography, I just couldn't help laughing at YanHan and her lecture tablet. :3 she's gonna bring a string and tie that tablet around her neck or something, to stablise it.

I ♥ SRJC even more now!
esp. my class! 2011 1A06♥

Gosh, YanHan, LayLing and I were like soooooo mean to Sean 8D we should seriously stop laughing at him :D

I felt so accomplished and enlightened when I managed to do my Chemistry (H1) Tutorial! The first few questions and oh gosh, I felt so proud♥ *laughs* I think I'm getting fatter once school starts, or probably because of Chinese New Year.

Well, wait till the stress sets in and training for Will Run 2011 starts. I'll seriously slim down during that time.

Chingay 2011 (Preview) in 2 more days!
Actual in 3 more days! OMG. Will be skipping classes on Friday because of that! :\ I'll miss my lectures and class ;A;