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Perching On The Soul
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You made me feel a little special, today and yesterday.
Date: Saturday, 8 January 2011 12:46 am

So yesterday, texted this person from around 4.45pm till 11.50pm. Awesome? This person never really did message me up to 3 texts. Of course I was the one that started the conversation going.

Well, thanks to Jiayan’s idea of asking this person if he’s gonna go for recruitment day, and well he wasn’t at first, and when we asked him if he wants to, he said alright and gave me his I/C no. (& luckily, he got his pass to go in for today too) So after that, in between I ran to the toilet to call up teacher so to inform her about us going back to school today. And well, after work we started texting again.

Not really long, but long enough for me at least. It really amuses me that he replied so many texts, even though he doesn’t have unlimited messages. He was really humorous, joking and crapping with me.

So today, I was the earliest, and I swore that I could’ve kill Jiayan and her royal ass. I was waiting for both of them and he came first. MY CLASSMATES ARE OUTSIDE AND THEN HE CAME TO MEET ME. What’s the impression? Jiayan said, “Couple luhhs.” Still dare say.

Damn, damn, damn. Embarrassed like hell. But we talked while waiting for her royal ass-ness. (: He told the security that he’s back for girl guides and the security got a shock, hilarious indeed.

So I managed to pull my brother to meet him. So both of them are so alike. Skinny and tall and blur. But my brother has bigger eyes, and that person is so much taller. Though I think they’re gonna be in the same CCA now. (even though he has already graduated.)

Then, he actually text me that he’ll go when me and Jiayan go off. Well, it made my heart go beating madly. Next, if he just confess and we’ll run towards the sunset hand in hand, perfect drama ending. /thumbs up. Nahh! That didn’t happen :D

After we left, I texted him crap and he was like, “Why you so random?” We’re GAY GUIDES, remember? (He told me it means, HAPPY GUIDES, yeah.)

I just feel that I’m falling again.

Meeting him again on Monday for results. And probably gonna meet him again to go JC open houses together. I can’t believe we actually TALKED today. and stood so close, even though it doesn’t have any meaning. Jiayan went crazy and told me maybe he’s maybe interested in me but don’t want to be in a relationship. bullshit. It’s impossible.