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Perching On The Soul
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Work and Suda Masaki!
Date: Saturday, 15 January 2011 12:19 am

he's like freaking awesome and cute and hawt and and! *flails*

Why so cute?! (;A;) Watched the Kamen Rider Double movie with my brother in the afternoon just now! I kept flailing at Philip! :D (which is acted by Masaki yeah~) Gahhhhhhh! I need more of his icons. He's from Junon I think. Damn, I need to locate the LiveJournal community for him. *pouts* Magazine scans!

Tomorrow is morning shift again for me. 
Damn, I'll have to rush to Chingay practice right after work! How great. (please note sarcasm.) Gonna rush down to Promanade station to meet my mom. I'm so gonna collapse down tomorrow. also known as, no fanfictions tomorrow! Probably a drabble maybe?

That Jun Han (aka Da Zhu) keep slacking/disappearing from his counter. So all the customers started to flood into my counter. Gosh, I kept saying, "Hi, you can pay outside too. (smiles)" I can practically strangle the life out of him.

Went finding Sandy's locker too. Was like some crazy women trying to fit the key into almost all the lockers. Those people in the pantry was like laughing their ass off at me. Ended up I ran down and up the travelator. It's like a treadmill! Awesome.

Customers probably thought that I'm crazy though.

Gahh. I still have to wake up tomorrow/today and go to work. I think I'm coming down with a cold, due to lack of sleep. *pouts*

I think I'm crazy, but I want a Shotaro x Philip wallpaper for my phone now. They are sooooooooo freaking cute! 8D though I'm still ultimately YamaJima/OkaTaro/InooDai bias~

I need to slim down like freaking quickly. The Chingay costume is like ... omfg. It's sooooooooooo gonna expose freaking many skin. ): I want my mom's costume. Even though it's like a pajamas, it'll cover up your whole body and they have a mask too! (;A;) Moreover, our school (CVSS) is gonna have a CIP at Chingay! GAHHHH! My juniors would start laughing if they see me in my costume. wait, I've not tried it out yet.

I'm ultimately a Hey! Say! 7 fan.
This is my current desktop wallpaper too, btw!

Gosh, I need sleep now. *crawls back to bed*