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SRJC Arts stream.
Date: Wednesday, 26 January 2011 11:19 am

I got into SRJC, Arts stream.

Oh gosh, it's my second choice, and I don't see people going to the same school, which is kind of depressing. I really feel like not going to work today. Especially tomorrow I have to crawl up early in the morning and go for the orientation. I hope to see many table cloth clad people there. And hope that husbando will be able to appeal into my stream (;A;)

I don't wanna be alone. My friends know how absolutely anti-social I am.

So I'm going to go back to school tomorrow, and not much time for fandom anymore! GOSH. Anyway, fandom is slow. The next big things out is the calendar scans. which I'm kind of excited for, awesome scans of YamaJima please! I'm so getting an iPhone 4! But I'll have to wait.

Gahh! I want one now ): but I'm getting my 500 GB external hard disk soon! (I think.) I need to shop for my Chinese New Year clothes. It'll be made up of cardigens, sleeveless tops and probably jeans and skirts.

I should use the remaining of my holiday to write some drabbles now.