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Shuya, the awesome one. & Results.
Date: Sunday, 9 January 2011 11:52 pm


Awesome film, and I have to say, I love Watanabe Shuya (acted by Nishii Yukito), the character. Very twisted, yet so innocent at the same time. and gosh, he is like ... Nakajima Kento, Yamada Ryosuke, Kikuchi Fuma and Chinen Yuri all in one *grins* and I'm happily stalking his blog~

I got the happiest shock of my life seeing him kiss another guy classmate, because the others thought that he had gotten HIV. Freaking nice, and that's definitely my favourite part, aside from Shuya kissing Mizuki at the riverbank. I love those kissing scenes. even the forced kiss part too~

Damn, I'm spoiling people. But seriously, it's a freaking twisted story and I think the director/writer of the novel Kokuhaku is a guineas. I can say that my ten bucks for the ticket ain't wasted. plus, there are bits and pieces of AKB 48 in the movie, I was squealing away~

Results tomorrow.

Good luck I guess? Hope I'll be able to get into Nanyang JC PLEASE, TWELVE MARKS! ;A;