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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Monday, 24 January 2011 12:44 am

What? I'm happily fangirling here~ He's so awesome. Gahh, his stare~ Seriously, if he really stared at me like this in real life which is definitely impossible because that would mean JUMP coming to Singapore or me going to Japan 8D and knowing them as FRIENDS, gosh.! I will definitely faint.


Went to bugis today! Didn't buy any clothes. I feel that I'm fat and that I wouldn't look good in them ): But I bought a wallet! Not that I loved it to bits, but ohh well, at least I bough a new wallet because my current one is dying on me already.

Will probably visit there again soon. Maybe Wednesday or Thrusday? I don't want to meet the crowd in weekends anymore! (Gosh, I want to go to Kinokuniya. Seventeen and Myojo, MY LOVE!) I've decided to go ahead and buy a guy blazer instead of a lady one. What? The guy blazer looks awesome. *whacked* Maybe not. I'll definitely buy tons of cardigans.

Especially a bright pink and yellow one. Gosh, I saw a green cardigan with yellow strip today! Wanted to buy it but in the end I didn't. Gahhhh. Next time I'll just buy what ever I want and think it's nice. I need to really slim down. I'm so fat (;A;)

OMG! obsessed_makpa dedicated her fic to me (;A;) Did I mention before that she's one of my favourite writers for YamaJima?! What I'm feeling is like what a fan would feel when their idol say hello to them. Seriously! *happy dance*

There's work tomorrow, and I feel sooooo lethargic. Gosh, I hope I wouldn't be late tomorrow. Gonna change my wallet when I wake up tomorrow.

Then I can blackmail my dad to buy me my iPhone 4 already!
I'm gonna get my 500 GB hard disk soon! *eggcited*