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Perching On The Soul
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Semi-hiatus gonna come
Date: Thursday, 13 January 2011 11:56 pm

Cutest picture of them ever. Nothing beats Daiki in pink, awesomely cute. And his reaction after Inoo pushed his hat down. Gahhhh! I'm going to fangirl over the SUMMARY 2010 DVD for days!

Especially since I'm all hooked onto Hey! Say! 7's song, GET. Damn, the starting two solo lines of Yuto and Yama-chan is freaking catchy, and because of the weirdest of the rhythm, I like it so much.

What? I'm into music that sounds minor, not major.

So today I'm off, because Zarinar changed shift with me. Not that I mind. Tomorrow I'm working in the morning. Gonna come back and collapse into my awesome bed. maybe not. I'll just start to use the computer, most probably.

Anyway, I've submitted the the JAE Form via online. Trying my best to enter SRJC. First choice, SRJC Science stream. Second choice, SRJC Arts stream. Who am I kidding? *laughs*

I would so much prefer a poly course, but I don't know what I want. Practically everything I want, my parents are against it. So I'm going into a Junior College, and hopefully, in University, I'll be able to major in Languages.

I'm crazy for Languages, writing and stuffs like these. But I'm actually going into a Science stream because they've been nagging about Opening up more options in life. Ohh well. I've chosen it, no turning back now.

Gonna study like crazy.

I'll probably be on a semi-hiatus mode on LiveJournal, though I can't believe I'm gonna do that. I'll probably still stalk LiveJournal and my fandom (Hey! Say! JUMP), but writing fanfictions? I'll wait for the holidays. Or when I'm like REALLY FREE, which is kind of impossible.

Kind of scared, because I haven't been studying for two months already. 

Hopefully I'll enter SRJC, and hope that my dearest husbando, Isabel would too! (;A;) I don't wanna be lonely there! Praying that husbando would really enter SRJC with me *sniffs* And I'll cling onto her like crazy :D

Did I mention that there was this JC2 guy that brought us around SRJC? He's really cute (: And probably kinda smart too. And so he ignored the whole group at a point of time and came to talk to me (o___O) He was like so nervous bringing the group around that he forgot what he said and what he hasn't say! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~ btw, the whole group was guys. I'm the only girl there.


Now, my future is pending. 26th of January will seal the fate! Excited now. (: