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Orientation, Day 1
Date: Thursday, 27 January 2011 10:36 pm

I ♥ SRJC, much much.
I love my college, I'm excited to get my college pin tomorrow along with my uniform and others stuffs like my PE attire, bemudas, PE shorts and college Polo tee. And my house, Draco, rocks socks.

Day 1 of Orientation was a blast, though I was just being all emo and texting my three awesome friends who are in Tampines, NanYang and Innova. (I typed Innova into Inoova. Gosh, Inoo is rubbing on me.) Anyway, thanks daddy for fetching me to college today. I would've died of hysteria if he wasn't there.

I have decided to get a copy of The Straits Times or The New Paper every morning now. Hopefully the coffee shop opposite college would have them. I'll just leave home earlier tomorrow morning to check it out. 

I'm also grateful that you can actually text in Junior college.
Or I would have really died without my three wonderful friends.

Which combination should I choose? :\ Well, I'm probably going to take H2 Maths now, but ... gahhh! I've been failing 'A' Maths for 2 straight years. So it's kind of risky, but to be successful, you'll have to take the risk. And the teacher there asked me 'Why not?', since I've got A2 for both of my Mathematics. 

I think those aren't my marks xD

Or should I take H2 History and H1 Mathematics? Or even H2 Mathematics with H1 Chemistry. GOSH. I've decided to take Japanese Studies in University, so it doesn't really matters 8D

I'm getting the H2 Mathematics and H1 Chemistry then. Strike that, I've submitted my form online :3 I now need to dig out my thermometer for tomorrow. Gosh, I'm so gonna snap away! :D