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Perching On The Soul
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Next step.
Date: Tuesday, 11 January 2011 7:38 pm

It wasn't that bad, nor was it good either. It's kind of pleases me to know that I actually not onlypassed my Additional Mathematics but also got an A2 for this subject that I've been failing for 2 years. Not bad? Ohh well.

Ain't please with my English result though. Not please at all. So in the end, I'm probably gonna make myself end up in Serangoon Junior College. I've never once thought about going into that JC, nor have I thought about going into JC before.

But I think I'm loving SRJC.
After visiting it's open house, I find the school kind of cool. Wanted to try Tampines JC, but they don't even have a freaking open house. So I think I wouldn't be bothered about entering that JC anyway.

I'm probably gonna end up in the same school as him. Friends who are close to me would know who. *smiles* though we're definitely not gonna take the same combination and stick together like super glue. Okay, maybe I'll stick to him like super glue, since I probably wouldn't have any friends going SRJC, and yeah. I'm just amazingly anti-social.

Not same combination, because his combination would definitely kill me. Imagine! H2 Maths. Crazy. I still want to live, thank you very much.

But we've been texting these few days. Nahh, I don't think it means anything. I think?

If I'm entering JC, I'll be starting school on 27th January. Oh gosh. What about my work?! *dies*