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I fangirl over Mrs Delia Yong
Date: Wednesday, 5 January 2011 11:57 pm

I didn't mention it, but;
I fangirl over my Secondary 4 English teacher. /grins.
She's probably the prettiest teacher I've ever met, and I don't know, I just do her work and pass up every single one of them! *proud* One thing is that I just respect her a lot. The next would be I'm kind of scared of her. *sheepish smile* But really, she's one awesome teacher.

So glad to be in her class.
She's probably the reason why I managed to get high marks for my composition writing. I had the 2nd highest mark for writing for my band. Whole level? Maybe not. She's also the reason why I started to love writing so much and inspired to study literature. And the very reason I write decent fanfictions with random plots would also be because of her.

When I went back to school today, she saw me and remembers me! And came to talk to me too! *flails* And well, she was asking if I'm getting the jitters because results would be out in 5 days time! so fast! ;A; and so I feel all happy and bubbly talking to her (:

Mummy says that she's pretty too!
can't wait till the 10th! :D I miss all the teachers in school! Apparently, I know quite a number of teachers! Keep seeing teachers I know! The D&T Mr Ng came and tap me on the shoulder and asked me why am I here XD He also told my brother that "I know you sister" (: Hilarious when I heard it from my brother!

Can you imagine, I was only taught by him for only ONE YEAR but he remembers & knows me! *tears* He's super funny and I love him :D

Damn, I miss going to school ;A;