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Perching On The Soul
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Gahhhh. Irritated.
Date: Sunday, 16 January 2011 9:12 pm

Gahh, eff-ing Chingay.

I was like under the rain for don't know how many hours because of that. I'm all pissed while waiting. When the rain stopped, we started walking, and then it started to rain again. Crazy weather. Gahhhhhh. I was cursing and swearing.

But I'm lucky to have friends there talking to me, yeah. If not I would've rot to death. Because of that Chingay training, I only reached home at around midnight. 12.30? probably around there. gosh. Once I bathed, I immediately collapsed.

Ditched work today again. I feel kind of guilty, but I really can't pull myself up to work. I only woke up at like 10am+. I skipped my breakfast too. So tired, and my bed feels so comfy for the first time! ROFL. Alright, my bed is just awesome.

So tomorrow's morning shift with Jiayan. I need to ask if I can change shift with her on the 30th.

Oh gosh.
the 19th is coming! STEAMBOAT, PEOPLE! 8D
But we haven't even decided on the venue! (;A;) It's probably now my place or Sandy's I guess. When I told my brother he was like, "Yeah! Call them to come!" He's probably plotting to leak out some unglam moments of mine to them. gosh.

Tomorrow's Daddy and YuXiang's birthday! woooooooooo~ There are more January babies! YongKit and Sandy are January babies too! :D

I feel like quitting my job. Gahhh, I'm crazy and irritated now.
I don't wanna work. /pouts.