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Perching On The Soul
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Dying of Happiness.
Date: Wednesday, 5 January 2011 12:00 am

4 January 2010
Yuto x Yamada
During "Hey!Say!WORDS" game segment in today's concert, the chair Yama-chan sat on was those adjustable ones. Yama-chan couldn't lower down his seat and he naturally looked at Yuto-kun for help <3 Yuto caught his sight and came over to help him adjust the chair. Then Yama-chan leant closer to Yuto and said something to him, making Yuto going back to his own seat with a smile on his face~ (: After that, when JUMP sat in a line, Yama-chan even sang a few lines towards Yuto-kun =D
In addition, at the beginning of HSW today, when Yama-chan was doing introductions, Yuto leant his face sooo very close towards Yama-chan.... it's just Kyaaa!!!

What more can I say?
Plus, Yuto saw an uchiwa that wants them to do KARA's butt dance, and he pulled Yama-chan that's passing him and they did a butt dance together. *drools* I'm not drooling because of hot and smexy guys doing their hip rolls, but the idea of my OTP doing hip rolls together is just ... AWESOME! XD

This just makes me go all jumpy and well, yeah. JUMPy. Moreover, my first pay is in! And it's lesser than we calculated. Freaking pissed actually. But JUMP made me go all fangirl and MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So I feel better now (:

what? YamaJima is just two really awesome guys that are meant to be together *thumbs up*

So, I'm going to pop out in my Secondary school tomorrow! eggcited, and will attack Aloysius, my awesome onii-chan with a mega squish hug when I see him tomorrow (: Who cares if the whole canteen would be looking? *evil laughter* I miss him much, so yeah, A MAJOR HUG. I'll be going to help my CCA, and will probably cling onto YanTing until 4pm :D before I go off to work~


YEAH! I'll advertise this twitter here anyway. I'm bored. And I love the banner I made. yes, I made this banner MYSELF

This is a joined-twitter account of Me (Takasugi Riko) & Christabel (Sugihara Aiko) :D well, we're writing fanfictions and stuffs together, and our twitter holds our community updates :D FOLLOW US! ;A; /whacked.

Alright, too bored. I'll go write some drabbles~