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Day Out & Results
Date: Monday, 10 January 2011 12:09 am

So tomorrow’s results.
Oh gosh, Jiayan was ranting about going to the same school as him. Crazy, like seriously.

So work was fine at least? Okay, not. It’s horrendous. Many people, and I’m missing 3.80 bucks. aiguwrhfuiawehfuih! ):

Went for lunch, and head down to Harbor Front by going back to Serangoon. On the MRT I saw Yong Kit! And moved to the front to meet Aloysius. We(Me & Aloy) went down to Vivo to catch the show Confession(Kokuhaku)! Awesome film, with awesome plot and awesome characters portrayed by awesome actors. Esp. Nishii Yukito, acting as Watanabe Shuya. He’s my favourite character because he’s absolutely twisted. 

Innocent, yet a cold blooded murderer. Awesome. (Plus the fact that he kissed another guy made me jump from my seat.) I love the kissing scenes in the whole movie. All together, there’s 4 kissing scenes. Shuya with his guy classmate, a force kiss between Shuya and Mizuki, and two other kisses between Shuya and Mizuki, at the riverbank and in front of a computer. Super nice.

I cried at the ending, because it’s just so sad. But I really have to say that it’s an awesome plot indeed. Gosh. I love the movie!

So after that, went back to CP to meet Jiayan & Sandy, and Hong Wei & Co. was there too! Had dinner with them (: Jiayan was trying very hard to pull someone to our table, same with Sandy. Crazy people. After dinner, we went to the LRT there to slack!

Gonna see them tomorrow again! Gosh, I think I’ve been seeing them so often! We’re like sticking together! Probably going to open house together too, and on 19th January, don’t forget people!

Damn, I love those people to bits. Good luck to all of us for tomorrow results! Both of us were complaining that we’re the last/last few to get our results while the others are whining XD Hilarious :D