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Bitching, and I love my wifey~
Date: Saturday, 22 January 2011 12:56 am

I just wanted to post this up.
Bitch, dont like dont come. Please stop effing spreading things like we're not talking to you on FB. Puhh-lease. Do you see me running around like crazy even though I'm suppose to eat there at the table? Fine, we're the organisers, we invited you here. You're a fcuking guest, and here I'm thinking I shouldn't let ALL OF YOU do anything because you are all my guest.

We're ignoring you? Hello, we tried to make conversation. You didn't bother to ask us what are we talking about. You can actually ask. Don't forget that you have a mouth for talking, bitch. Seriously, can you only start fcuking saying bad things about us only on FB? Get a life.

I don't really give a damn now. I have had enough of your cocky attitude, like serious. Even if you read this, even if someone tells you to read this, I'm definitely fine with it, because I know people are gonna read this and start spreading like crazy. Like I care.

Gosh, I can't stand this. What is wrong with you?

Good gracious that we're definitely not going to the same school this year. You know what? We're probably not gonna call you out. You know, we've always been asking where are you when they come and find us. Do you even know that? and to think that you said that we're effing ignoring you. Great. Really great.

Effer pissing me off.

Oh yes, my lovely wifey bought a charm for me! The letter J! 8D
I wanna make a matching charm with her that writes TAKASUGIHARA :3 Vivo with me! pretty please? :D