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Why so pretty?
Date: Wednesday, 22 December 2010 12:25 am

Someone tell me, why is Yama-chan so pretty? (;A;)
He's a guy for god sake! And I swear, he is so much prettier than us girls. Why is that so? ): Plus the fact that he was actually mistaken as a girl when he's out on the streets. Even until now. Awesome? Seriously, so pretty. *jealous* Damn, I swear. If he cross-dress, he'll be so pretty and guys wouldn't even know he's a guy.

Why am I ranting? (-.-) Ohh because I was going though the GIFs I've stolen on Live Journal and than I moved onto screencaps and I just started squealing at YamaJima before started to stare and Yama-chan once again.

When I entered the fandom, I'm all "Yama-chan is so hawt!" And guy like and what so ever. Now one year passed, and I'm all "Yama-chan why so pretty?!" XD I'm crazy.

Tell me, why can he be so hawt/sexy/man/pretty/girly/cute/sweet/cool/handsome all at the same time? 
I think maybe because I'm bias, or that Johnny boys are just all so awesome.

I need to make my own screencaps of the PV & it's making soon. I need a Yuto screencap. So handsome inside! :3

One more pretty Yama-chan for the post!
Right? He's so pretty. (;A;)