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Perching On The Soul
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tiring but fun.
Date: Friday, 3 December 2010 9:29 pm

This pretty picture because I feel like it :D I made this screencap myself~ *pleased* Let me say this for once;

Work is tiring, but fun.
Especially standing for 5 hours straight, but we keep laughing!

Now, I doubt I said here that I've found a job! :D my first ever part-time job :3 As a cashier @ NTCU Bishan 8D Kinda cool, but it can be boring too. Esp. when there's no one coming to your counter (-.-)

But for now, we're only packers. Or until we go for our course, which is on the 8th of December till 11th of December. (^-^)v Looking forward to touch the machine~ actually me & sandy touched it today~

So for the Bishan brunch, it's Jiayan, Sandy and mehh~ :D For some reasons, I feel that everyone's going to NTUC to work B) Absolutely hilarious :D at least I have income coming into my pocket now~ but wait. I still don't have my pay. Even if I have it, it's in my bank account and I don't have an ATM card. *pissed*

AND TOMORROW'S MY OFF DAY! *jumps in glee*
My heels are aching like crazy. but on my off day, I have chingay practice at night ): I missed one practice already, and I don't really feel like going. D: *depressed* Blahh

& for the first time, I'm actually working on my birthday. On shift with Jiayan :D ohh well~ I'm celebrating it only at night, so I don't really mind (^-^)v i think.

ohh, yesterday went to Orchard's Kinokuniya with Christabel! AWESOME! :D the kino is absolutely loved~ super big, and I saw this Japanese kid there! *envyenvy* awesome, like seriously! And was tempted to buy a japanese novel, weekly Shonen Jump (with Bleach Movie 4 as cover) and many many copies of Myojo, Duet, Wink Up and Potato :x *laughs* SERIOUSLY!

I was so awed that the weekly shonen jump is actually only 6 bucks, at most 7 bucks! *tempted* it's freaking thick 8D plus, IT'S BLEACH MOVIE 4! which is going to be release tomorrow in Japan! *squeal*


*squeals* absssssssssssssssssssssssss~ *sparkly eyes* hohohoho~ Nahh~ I got so shy opening the magazine, like seriously :x BUT MY TEN AWESOME BOYS ON THE COVER! I just bought it on impulse (T-T) actually, I contemplated for quite long 8D Christabel got a copy of that too~

And can you imagine?
There's a freaking big pin up of the ten of them half naked, and I swear I almost fainted.

I sound like a perv. now (.____.)

But the magazine is awesome :D I'm waiting for the scans of February's copy~ this copy is January's! They took their photoshoot in Hawaii~ :3 damn, I have so many copies of Myojo at home now~ *happy dance*

The prettiest picture in the magazine :3 awesome-est! :D