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Perching On The Soul
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They are just the most aweseom people on Earth.
Date: Monday, 13 December 2010 7:24 pm

No pictures for now! :D
will grab those pictures from Sandy Ong later.

Today there's work, and the 3 of us finally opened our counter! Like hell yeah, so freaking cool alright? I was so nervous that my hands were icy-cold. (My hands will turn icy-cold whenever I'm nervous or scared. So it's kinda easy to know how I feel by touching my hands XD) well, thanks Johnathan for guiding me! Made some mistakes here and there, but kind of minor ones.

& surprisingly, my declare is BALANCE. *happy dance*
It's amazing that I have no extra money out or money missing! So happy. I did my declare first, before Jiayan & Sandy. So when it's their turn, I helped Jiayan first, than Sandy. Both of them had problems. ): Jiayan was miss money and Sandy has extra money. (.____.) Best thing was, when we came out of the main office, we saw Leroy loitering outside.

Scare the daylights out of us.
Turning around, we saw Yu Xiang, Hong Wei, Zheng Da & Yong Kit there too. Leroy asked where we worked yesterday and said they might visit today, but was totally shocked when we see them. Especially them seeing us still in our Santa Claus hats. Who cares? They came really early, like ... 12 plus? We told them we're knocking off at 2pm yesterday!

Lucky we were told to leave at 1pm last minute. Good for them.

Somehow, all of us got poured with flour. Jiayan got it the worst, next is me and Sandy got it just a tiny bit. The guys were laughing. Best. (-.-) So after doing return and logging out, went to Hougang Mall with the guys (:

Yu Xiang changed his phone to an iPhone 4! super cool. I like the phone protector, and Sandy said that this is how the inner Yu Xiang looks like, a devil. Laughed like crazy with them!

Went to eat Pepper Lunch with those people, and well we crapped like crazy! I keep laughing at Leroy and his Starbucks experience. Damn, he's like super blunt in his words 8Db

So, we actually slacked at Pepper Lunch for around ... 2 hours plus? probably nearing 3 hours.

After that we decided to go walk around. Jiayan was interrogating Yu Xiang when we're at Cotton On, she's crazy I swear. Than we went to Time Zone! :3 for some reasons, I told Jiayan that my hands were all cold again. Damnit.

Thanks Hong Wei for treating us to those games!
his card's balance, awesome.

went all crazy playing games, and we took photos at that lousy neoprint machine! *laughs* it's with Sandy now, so I'll wait for her to scan them in~ Imagine 8 people squeezing into that tiny booth? we're all cramped up and well, it's totally hilarious because our faces got all cut off! :D

I'm actually glad that they came to look for us today (:

Gonna go out with them again on the 27th December! Our post-chrismas celebration! :D
Probably going to Sentosa~ i don't know. But am looking forward to it already.

Tomorrow's another day as a cashier, except we'll be on our own this time! Oh gosh. Kinda scary, but good luck to all three of us! (:

& Thanks to Hong Wei for the can drink xD
I'm so paiseh now. >//////<

Gonna share this post up on FB B)

What to do?
They are just the most awesome people on Earth.
I hope Isabel will join us the next time! :D