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Perching On The Soul
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thenewsfangirl, I stalk.
Date: Tuesday, 28 December 2010 2:06 am

Yuto so pretty ;A;
Anyway, today's work was alright, but I almost slept with my eyes wide open. Awesome yes? (: I was really tired, I'm not sure why though. And I finished a 900ml Chocolate milk within the time span of 3 hours. That was my lunch by the way. I'm just awesomely awesome

I miss the computer and my internet very much. And I'm actually hoping that I'd get 10 points and below for my GCE 'O' Levels results that will be released next year, so my daddy would buy me an iPhone with a data plan so I can stalk LiveJournal anytime and anywhere. so I can stalk thenewsfangirl/bluebellz81/natz666/roughededged@twitter/and other communities

What? My LiveJournal friends are just awesome people!

I'm having too much fun making icons, since it's so much fun. They are so pretty alright?! I'm gonna use them on LiveJournal. Now, the hard part is to see which icons to delete. ): ANYWAY! I'm working tomorrow, night shift. I'm thinking how I'd actually crawl home after work tomorrow. So not looking forward because I'll be on my own. Hopefully I'll get an even number counter. They are much more friendly, since those customers can't see me. I don't mind lesser sales. I'm so tired. Than again, time passes slower if there isn't anyone. Ohh well. I still have work. ):

The only thing I'm looking forward is my pay day next month on the 4th (:
I'll go to Kinokuniya and sign up for the membership! 8D was talking to Cheryl/mangotham@twitter about that on MSN just now (: (btw, she's my brother's friend's sister. also my junior in primary school. Awesome?) Ohh let me flail now. SHE'S GONNA PASS ME THE JUMP CD HOLDER THAT CAME WITH FEB'S MYOJO! 8D

awesome :x I feel so shy taking it. Like very thick skinned like that? hohohoho~ Talked to her about loads of things, and I've gotten her number too (: I conclude that both of us think alike, and we started to grin at the computer screen 8D
We're just awesome people.

So our schedule for next month is out! We are free for steam boat on the 1st of January! Am so excited! Need to plan properly now. :D

I want to go to JC, like desperately D: I want to go for a JC that actually has ART(H2) (;A;) Am now hoping for the best anyway. For my JC/future, and getting an iPhone+Data Plan

I need to sleep so I can wake up earlier tomorrow and write fics. 8D
Alright, I'm actually tired.