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My Friend's Friend's Friend in Horikoshi!
Date: Wednesday, 22 December 2010 4:59 pm

I'm so random, because I just put this pretty picture of Daiki here in this post. (.____.) No reasons seriously, he's not my bias. BUT WHY SO CUTE?! (he's girly too right? :\)

blahh. I'm not working today. 8D
Went back to school just now, because my brother's gonna appeal for my school. (: And for some crazy reasons that I still don't know, I've decided to enter JC if I can.

Was flipping the JAE booklet in the morning and highlighting those schools that I might be able to go in, hopefully. Hope I don't get really stupid results like TWENTY PLUS ): I'll cry, like seriously. Hopefully I'll get a TEN. Which is kind of possible because I got a Fifteen for my prelims. (: or was it a twenty? :\ *hopes for a ten anyway*

the four subjects I would choose would be : Mathematics (H1), Biology (H2), Literature in English (H2), Geography(H2)/Arts(H2) :D I'm feeling a little mental for choosing Mathematics.

I want to go JC now. I don't know why, but yes. Because I want to major in Literature in University. *starts to pray for good results* They say that results will be out in 2 weeks once 2011's school term starts! :'( Nervous like shit now.

I want to go back to school and study now, like seriously. Damn. I've not packed my room yet, and my relatives from Malaysia are coming tomorrow. Not going to care. Too tired. (-.-)

Anyway I bought 2 new books and a pair of boots today!
so happy! :D

& My friend's friend's friend, who's studying in Horikoshi in Japan, spotted YamaJima walking home together 8D /flails

It made my day like, HELL YEAH! :D

this is what I'm feeling *points up*

One last GIF of my fave. dance number <3

I'm all hyper and I should write something now (: I want to squeal more, but I'm dead tired. Woke up so early because was so excited for my brother's school posting XD