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Perching On The Soul
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I miss my friend in Texas
Date: Tuesday, 21 December 2010 8:54 pm

You know, my friend from Texas (: Jessica~ :3 I MISS HERRRRRRRR! *tears* gonna stay up late today and wait for her to wake up (: Muwahahahaha! She'll wake at around ... midnight here? 8D Yeap.

I'm all bored. Work is alright I guess? Because there's so many people today! ): because Tuesday is old people day *whacked* And well, I had a stomach ache during work (;A;) Terrible. There's such a long queue at my counter! Plus they pushed carts, not baskets. Best right?

My muscles will start to ache tonight. Lucky that it's my off day tomorrow. Gonna stay at home and hopefully I'll write something. Tomorrow we'll know which school my brother would be posted to! (I feel excited for him)

Hoping that he'll enter my secondary school (: HOHOHOHOHOHO!

Currently uploading stolen GIFs up on Photobucket :3 most of them are from thenewsfangirl@LJ for now, and others ... they are just collected over time *nervous laugh*, and they are definitely not mine. I'm still failing at making them ): I don't get it on how to make them! SERIOUSLY! (;A;)

Christmas is approaching! 
This is actually a random screencap. But I put this here because there's that gift box with robot Yabu in there.

Not working on the EVE, but working on the actual day. Hopefully, there wouldn't be many people. :\ Since everyone would be celebrating Christmas. *nods*

This because I'm feeling so bored :3

I'm waiting for my copy to arrive! AHHHHHH! :D
Than I'll start to dance in the living room. Yes, I'm so going to learn the dance. It doesn't seem hard. I'm crazy.

On the side note,
I'm going to stalk Uniqlo outlets in Singapore in January. Because they are going to have Naruto tees on sale and maybe I'll be able to buy the limited edition DVD! *squeals* I'm such an otaku! XD
Gonna spend my money there. I want the Naruto & Sasuke shirt. Because Kishimoto-sensei drew them! & THE SHIRT HAS HIS SIGNATURE! *pulls hair* He's so awesome alright? (: