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Perching On The Soul
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I miss him
Date: Friday, 24 December 2010 12:26 am

I'ma tired. Stood there for five hours, and well ... we stole chocolates from the promoter! XD (it's allowed by the way, and I took back loads of chocolates because they didn't want it or something. Thanks to Johnathan who stuffs those chocolates into my Santa hat)

My leg is dying, and there's chalet tomorrow! Will be segregated from internet I think ): I should go and tan myself. *nods* And did I say how much I love my brother? (: He may not be the sweetest thing on Earth, but I love him to bits. It really makes me happy to see him smile like his age.(which is twelve. He's gonna kill me if he reads my blog)

Gonna spend more time with him these few days. I missed him. (:

And I managed to talk to Jess today again! 8D we can only talk at around midnight ;A; most of the time. :\ Unless it's friday ... yeah. I guess?

I want to watch "Despicable Me" now. I know it's midnight but I want to watch it (-.-)