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Date: Thursday, 16 December 2010 8:18 pm

Counter 4 & Counter 6 today. Jiayan @ 4, Me @ 6. Damn this cashier auntie, anyhow scold me when I ask the price of the watermelon. Super pissed. That same auntie scolded Jiayan yesterday too. Stupid. All the other aunties are so much more friendlier! Gonna avoid her the next time.

I just realised that we've ran out of cup noodles at home. So I went to work with an empty stomach again. Not really, I ate a slice of bread! Butter & sugar. simple yet nice, yo! And I seriously think I'm getting sick because I only woke up at 10am today.Which is later than my usual timing.

Today's customers were really nice people :D I don't remember anyone making me pissed. Or is there? I think there's one. But I forgot (-.-) who cares? good that I forgot (:

Today we were sprang by a spot check. I'm like, "EHHHHHHH?!" (O________________O) 
Seriously, was so nervous when the Chief Cashier was counting the money. But lucky my money is balance :D & also for my overall, it's balance :3 Jiayan was missing a dollar. Good that she doesn't have to pay because we have a 5 bucks allowance. Correct?

on our way home, Jiayan and I were planning another outing :D
Well, we've not decided on who's house, and I still have to ask my daddy before asking the others. (others = the guys & yilin) seems kinda cool, so instead of going out to play and stuffs, we can have dinner together! not bad right?

We started to get so hyper that we went crazy. Seriously, it's hilarious if you're listening to our conversation. Kind of hoping that I'll be able to go, since Isabel says she's okay!

Sandy is currently working and Jiayan is going to Bali tomorrow!
Gonna miss her (: