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Friends from AROUND THE WORLD.
Date: Monday, 20 December 2010 7:36 pm

"Don't worry! I love Hey! Say! JUMPā™„" 
-Yamada Ryosuke

I love him for loving JUMP :3 & Yabu for saying that JUMP felt betrayed *whacked*

There's this lady I served and she told me "I don't understand English." in English. Awesome? I was cursing and swearing in my head. Don't know whether to laugh or be angry. Didn't really care anyway.

Today was alright. But that unfriendly auntie stole my pen, yo! (.____.) pathetic. and while going to work, I feel so grumpy and I was practically gonna spout out vulgarities at some people who doesn't know when is the right time to take pictures. Seriously, taking pictures in the middle of the travelator? I feel like strangling them.

I ate waffles before work! So happy (: And I brought chrysanthemum tea to drink at work. I don't want a sore throat again. Well, I need to remember not to sing at the top of my voice again.

Was thinking about going to JC or Poly these days. I feel like going to JC now, since I want to further study on literature. Yes, I know it's kind of ridiculous. My parents thinks that I'm crazy, but I kind of like it you know!? Or maybe going into Animation. Definitely not going into business and stuffs. It's not my thing really.

Tomorrow's afternoon shift! I feel so tired and drained out. Gonna meet Christabel after work tomorrow (: She's back in Singapore! /glomps her Yeah, my phone was so quiet these days when she's away (;A;) And Jiayan's coming back tonight!

I miss them both.

I spent most of my time crapping on LiveJournal with a friend that's living in Texas! Well, yes. She's born there, and living there! Awesome right? *sparkly eyes* Awesomely fun to chat with, though we both hate the Time Zones, because our timing is almost exactly opposite. we prefer to walk in beeline~

Know her through Livejournal obviously, and well, because I write fanfictions, and because she reads everything I write (: (She's the first one that makes me so touched ;A;) I'm ranting now~

So through fandom, I know people from Texas, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam. That's all for now I think. AND OF COURSE I KNOW PEOPLE FROM SINGAPORE! (: Though we don't know each other, but well, we know each other through fandom, and well, them reading my fics :x *whacked*