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Beauty Sleep.
Date: Wednesday, 15 December 2010 11:07 pm

Today, I have an extra 5 cents (-.-) Who cares! I'm so tired, and I don't really like afternoon shift. I need food ;A; I skipped breakfast and lunch today!

So technically, for today, I only drank Milo, plain water, and eat spaghetti! :3 yeah, I survived just like this today. I'm awesome. Gonna eat something before work tomorrow (:

*flails* can't wait for my own copy to arrive :D

Too tired already. I need my beauty sleep (:

& there's one stupid auntie anyhow scold me at NTUC, and when she left she was all, "Thank you dear." damn, I was scolding her upside down in my heart, seriously. must be PMS-ing (-.-)

Jiayan saw that I scolded the F word, cause I'm so freaking pissed. She's like, "Jeslyn, I saw it!" (: cause her counter was behind mine today! :D

hope tomorrow we'll get the even counters! Best is she get Counter 2, and I get counter 4 :3 than we'll face each other & can talked easily :D *whacked*

Sandy's working night shift tomorrow, while Jiayan & I are afternoon shift! Good luck Sandy Ong! :3