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Perching On The Soul
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Back, miss me?
Date: Sunday, 12 December 2010 7:12 pm

Though I'm suffering from a mild fever, so I'm kinda crazy right now. not to mention that I'm have a really bad tummy ache ):

Cashier training was fun! Met Ng Yi Shen, at the MARS branch :D We're from the BSHA branch :3 anyway, he's so freaking funny can? Plus, all of us agrees that he looks like Ernst/Yu Xiang. but seriously, I think he looks like both of them, though he's shorter than both of them 8D *whacked*

The training was boring at some time, and well, on the last day, I was doodling beside Yi Shen, and Jiayan was doodling in front of me. Mine is a master piece and I laughed at Jiayan's :x I know I'm evil, but seriously funny yo! What do you call a person drawn floating on the river?

Someone that drowned right? She say that person's sun-tanning 8D Jiayan's a genius. *thumbs up*

and so, with our training done, we're probably going to open our counter tomorrow morning! :D Morning shift, 9am to 2pm :3 I can confirm that we'll knock off exactly at 2pm. 'Cause we're awesome. & we might pop by the MARS branch to look for Yi Shen when all 3 of us are off! 8D gonna torture that poor boy!

We're gonna stalk him (: *whacked*

So, through this weekend, I'm squealing at my TEN awesomely hawt boys :3 though I'm extremely bias for only four of them~ The covers for the singles are out, and I'm looking forward to the Regular Edition more than the Limited Edition one :D because the cover is much nicer, and it has 3 other songs! :3 The limited edition only has the cover song, PV & the PV making :D (PV = Promotional Video, a.k.a Music Video)

Here are the awesome covers! :3

I'm flailing, cause the video looks so awesome~ 3 more days! I can't wait for my copy to arrive! *roar* I'm looking forward to the 2 new B-side songs! One of them is probably a Christmas song, and the other is a really sad love song ): gonna write something on that song, since it's so sad. The lyrics I mean.

Excited, like really excited~
This *points to left* is a little screencap from the PV :D Their costume is like ... GANDAM SUITS! *explodes laughing* It seriously creeps me out 8D But their other costume is so prince-like ! While watching the PV that had been leaked out, I started shouting "YUTO!" into my mummy's ear :D

What pissed me off was that my aunt thought it was Super Junior (-.-) Seriously, JUMP is so much younger and much more awesome than SuJu. No offense to SuJu fans, because I'm not a really big fan for KPop.

I dislike that genre of song 8D
I'm so going to get bashed for writing this.

but I can't help that they copied JUMP for going into a TEN member group. *pissed*

Gonna flood myself with inspirations now~ :3 I'm so bored at home! Plus I'm sick ): stupid stupid stupid. I feel like watching JDrama, but Mummy's watch I Ryuu 3, and brother is playing Maple. *pissed* I shall now go re-watch Sensei Wa Erai :D

*starts flailing at the two hawt guys~*

and I'm listening to SCANDAL's songs! so pretty voices :3