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Awesome People of LiveJournal
Date: Friday, 31 December 2010 11:28 am

there are too many awesome people on LiveJournal, and I love them to bits (;A;)

Before I proceed on with the awesomeness, this little picture on Japan's Seveteen made my mind blown :D
For fangirls of YamaJima, please look at YamaJima. And think all wrong. Do you see anything? 8D
Yuto's pose looks really wrong, but~ ANYWAY! Yama-chan has his head rested on Yuto's leg~ or in this case ... in between Yuto leg ...8D DID ANYONE THINK OF WHAT I'M THINKING?! One word, I thought of smut /whacked.

Awesome people are not in order, because all of your are awesome in your own way (:
Firstly, sugihara_aiko XD Well, that's Christabel, and no need to say, we're awesome 8D /whacked. Next would be bluebellz81, because she fangirls with me till no end and well, yeah fangirling 8D And her crack fics always, with no fail, make me crack up :D natz666 is awesome too! Her angst fics, all are love :D She's also the one that made me write KusaTaka fics 8D /whacked I must mention, SHE'S PRWETTY!

Of course, roughededged! Jess is just love, although the time zones make us mad. And we constantly flail together 8D on twitter and Livejournal~ thenewsfangirl/kawaiikimini IS AWESOME TOO! :D A fellow YamaJima and TakaChii fangirl~ /grins Not forgetting, my favourite requester koigaii :D her ideas just makes me want to write! muwahahahaha! or maybe I'm just procrastinating. /shrugs.

There's also aliciaswr :D fellow Yuto fangirl 8D muwahahaha! obessed_makapa & yatsuiko-chan too! :D they are just awesome (:

hinamoyashi27 TOO! My brother's friend's sister, which is my junior in primary school (: It really amuses me to know that someone so close would be a fangirl too! an Arashi one though~ BUT SHE SUPPORTS YAMAJIMA! (& Sho as uke!) and well, yes :D It's so fun fangirling with her too :D