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Perching On The Soul
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Story : Prom
Date: Saturday, 20 November 2010 12:03 am

Title: Prom
Genre: Fluff / Angst
Summary: Where people wore pretty dresses and looks absolutely handsome.
A/N: First ever time I'm writing what I saw and experienced in a form of a story. WOW! 8D

Entering the hall, you're the first person that I saw. Done up with a vest and shirt. I thought that you was perfect. But that was probably because I'm bias. There, I was pulled by my friend to be seated at the same table with you. I couldn't do anything, just avoid your gaze (if you actually looked at me) and stay normal, crapping along with my friend.

More people came over, and well, it ended up as only 2 girls and all boys in our table. Awkward.

Before we reached school, I was told, "You're pretty, maybe you'll even catch his attention!" by one of my friends. Once I stepped into school, I wasn't all that confident anymore.

I know I'm not pretty. It's not the word to describe me. I was probably one of those country bumpkins, down to earth girls that don't usually catch a guy's eyes.

I don't know about catching your eyes, since I'm not you. But you did catch my eyes. Cameras were fished out, and people started to take photos with everyone. I just looked at you, seeing you being crowed by people, your friends, taking photos.

Thinking if I should ask, I kept hesitating. The last time I asked, you declined it. So I just sat there, looking at you taking photos with many many people.

It was until, Isabel decided to go all crazy and call for a group photo. Since our group of friends did go out quite a few times, we took a group photo. Isabel just said that we're standing alternate, and started pushing me to you, and than just shouted that we'll link hands.

I just stood there looking at her with wide eyes. But you didn't seem to mind. We just linked hands. Twice in fact. I could feel my heart beat racing. (I thought I felt your heart racing too. Maybe that's wrong, or maybe you like Isabel 8D Who knows. ^^)

But at the end of everything, I managed to just use an adrenaline rush and ask you to take a photo with me. That simple picture. It's not nice, not perfect, not clear. But it means so much to me.

I bet you didn't know that.

I wanted to confess to you again. (Yes again, it's almost one year since I confessed to you. Do you know?) But than again, even if I did confess, will I have a chance?

Probably not.