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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Friday, 19 November 2010 12:27 am

Yamada: It’s okay. Since we’ll have another tour soon, I’ll take care of you if we get the same room

Nakajima: Please wake me up

Yamada: Instead of waking you up …

Nakajima: I’ll be waiting for the Yamada Morning calls then

I'm dying of fluff here 8D
Totally slip off my mind (-.-) Thought it was longer and further away ... *whacked* I feel sooooooo bored at home, and I actually managed to finish a drama today. 8 episodes Yes, I'm just awesome. I WATCH HIDARIME TANTEI EYE 8D It's an awesome J-drama!
Tanaka Ainosuke! (acted by Yamada Ryosuke)
I cried throughout the drama (T-T) Super sad, exciting, and well ... just mind-boggling! Since you don't actually know what's going to happen next! I went all Yama-chan, Yuto, Yuma & Yoko high just because of this show!

Alright, now let me introduce my awesome Y-TACHI! :D
First up,
I call him by Yuto, so he's the first Y in my Y-Tachi 8D

Next up,
Yamada Ryosuke, going by the name Yama-chan 8D So yes, Y

And here he is, the newest member & youngest member of my Y-tachi,
Nakayama Yuma. goes by the name Yuma so yeap. I love him for screaming like a girl on Shonen Club 8D

Last but not least, the oldest member of my Y-tachi :x
Yokoyama Yu 8D he's funny, and cute, and just awesome! not as awesome as my YamaJima above~
Plus, he's the awesome-est bad guy ever.

And now, I feel like I'm on sugar high, and I'm not keen on going for prom. :\ I feel so shy! My dress! Oh gosh. Really scared for tomorrow (-.-) Have to stay there until like ... 10pm? Just awesome. (please note sarcasm)

I hate reality. And i need to get a job, soon.