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Perching On The Soul
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'A' Maths, anyone?
Date: Saturday, 13 November 2010 4:03 pm

This picture, because this boy is awesome 8D Jeslyn is absolutely bias for this 17 year old hottie! (^-^)v ANYWAY!
Doing A maths now seems sooooooooooo appealing to me now.
I know I'm crazy, but the cyber world is too slow. There's no update on fandom!! I should seriously go get a job soon.

And I didn't post here, but I'm actually taking part in the chingay 2011 (._____.) I was willing at first, but now. I'm super unwilling. Since exam's over, I want to be stuck to the computer for the whole day D: I LOVE MY COMPUTER YO!

Ah damn,
I just re-read the message what daddy sent me last Valentine, and I'm near to tears (T-T) Seriously, I think I've become more sensible. after all these years of course! I've MATURED! In a way or another at least. After experiencing these things. I guess pain makes you grow up faster :D

Now, I need a job.
anyone wants to go job hunting with me? 8D My legs are shivering now, since I stood on the bus for like so freaking long just now (-.-) Had to bring my brother to Tamp. SAFRA. anyway, I want to go to AFA X! D: Christabel is there! DAMN! and she spots a Lavi (T-T) *envy envy*
Maybe I'll go tomorrow~ 
And I have to tell daddy to transfer money to the seller by tonight! MY SINGLES! 8D *excited* 10 days after my birthday, it would be released! 8D

I'm hoping that by my birthday, I would've heard the song at least! And best is, the PV would be leaked out by than! *whacked* IMAGINE! Hard dance tune *drools*

4I class BBQ @ Fung lao shi's house!
I'm so going~ Since I have nothing on that day! And it's at kovan 8D I can simply just cross the road to go to her house. Yes, it's that close~ :D wait my grand mother lives in a 3 room flat, not those big big houses there. argh! Next week will be going out really often! 8D

Be ready to be spammed by photos! :3