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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Tuesday, 16 November 2010 9:47 pm

This picture, of Me and Christabel shouting at each other our Ichiban's names~
I was shouting "YUTO" and she shouted "CHINEN"! 8D Awesome~ We quite a lot of photos too of course! Well, it's ... unglam (x.x) I look fat in most of the pictures (-.-) and well, the song that we sang most is HITOMI NO SCREEN by  Hey! Say! JUMP, of course! It amuses us to no end, yo! XD

What can we do? They are just awesome~ We just shouted into the mic, and Jie Hao, Aloysius and Cheryl's ear drums might be damaged XD HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!

We just started squealing and squealing when the song started 8D Ohh! We also sand Kanjani 8's Wonderful World and Life! 8D Both of us were squealing at Yokoyama Yu & Nikishido Ryo :D Keep screaming, "YOKO!" "RYO!" "AHHHHHHHHH!" and Jie Hao joined into "fanboy" 8D And he followed us screaming "RYO!" 8D

This is super funny and fun yo~
Jie Hao and Aloy 8D

We sang 'Daite Seniorita' too! Awesomely fun 8D
'Daite Daite Daite Seniorita~'
It's so fun 8D and YamaPi looks awesomely cool in there 8D well, also sang One in a Million & Loveless :D But in the end i think it was a PV watching session 8D AKB48's Heavy Rotation TOO! 8D And SCANDAL's Namida no Regret & Shojo S I need to download that song~ SCANDAL :3 it's awesome! Fangirling over the drummer with Aloy XD

*points to the right* Me and Aloy 8D I'm fat (.____.) ANYWAY! I used my new bag today~ And my new hat, like yay! 8D And today, I did something really stupid (-.-) I brought my camera, and I forgot to put in the battery. AWESOME. *pissed* so I went home to take the battery of course :\

And well, I kept crapping and taking pictures 8D And well, it's fun yo! and during our dinner, I shared with Christabel, salmon rice 8D And ... we're dancing in public, both of us :D

First, it started with Koi no ABO. And I taught Jie Hao the moves for Your Seed, and ohh! We danced Happy Birthday too 8D Of course, Hitomi no SCREEN and Mayonaka no Shadow Boy 8D I swear, everyone was staring at us~ hohohohohohoho~

Me and Jie Hao 8D was being hyper, because the next song was ... Hitomi no SCREEN? XD I think :D

Ohh and well, Christabel tried a Song quiz on me (-.-) She kept naming JUMP's song's names, and I sang :D So she was like, "DREAMER", "Time", "Dash!!", "Shinku", "Smile Song", "Too Shy" and etc 8D

Had fun of course XD btw, Hitomi no SCREEN is playing now~ Since I'm listening to YamaJima's radio show :3 And well, All in All, I'm so tired today (x.x)

Anyway, I came out of my house with curled hair (-.-) Since the curls didn't disappear after a night's sleep.

Tomorrow's going to go out Isabel, Sandy & Jiayan. in the morning
and around the afternoon/evening, we'll be meeting YiLin & co. :D For us, we'll be going on a shopping spree, for our prom dress! And well, they'll meet us later, to shop with us ? XD

I'm so tired now!