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END OF EXAMS! (like finally.)
Date: Saturday, 13 November 2010 12:06 am

YES! It's like FINALLY the end of exams! I can't really believe that's the end of my 4 years of Secondary school life D: I'm sooooo going to miss everyone. Well, I'm looking forward to prom night~ Where everyone would be dressed prettily and handsomely! Ain't that just awesome? 8D

And I finally bought the bag I wanted! HOHOHOHO! And I bought a hat, just to be able to buy the hat (yes, I'm ridiculous. But I like my hat and bag!) Jiayan smsed me saying that she's at cotton on, when I'm at one cotton on store too! Hilarious~ too bad Isabel told me that she can buy it after I went out. If not I'd help her buy it too. I can't believe Jiayan, Sandy and I own the same bag 8D though I was quite sure Sandy would come running after us for copying her~
17112010, we're going out to shop for prom dresses! And we are going to wear ... different clothes (not that I understand what it means.) Isabel said that "NO SHORTS IS TO BE WORN!" So it's either jeans / long pants / dress / skirt. awesome. That would be the very first time no one is gonna wear shorts. I'd be wearing jeans of course. Unless I'm crazy enough to take my skirt out and wear ... which is very likely since I'm not in a very good state, mentally 8D

I seriously should start hunting a job.

I'm starting to miss school / homework and those 3 crazy girls that I'll only meet on the 17th! D:
I know Jiayan will be so touched reading this XD

 This, because we're awesome~

On the side note,
I got daddy & mummy to buy me the RE & LE of JUMP's newest single 8D
This is going to be awesome~