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Perching On The Soul
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East Coast Park, yesterday.
Date: Saturday, 27 November 2010 12:39 pm

and of course, I'm red like a freaking lobster now. Sandy's worst, since she wore sleeveless! *evil laughter*

So we cycled like 2 hours and a little more, and conquered the WHOLE East Coast Park *accomplished* And well, we have tons of pictures of course! (which are all on my FB now.) so, I'm actually glad I brought my camera, since Jiayan kidnapped/phone-napped my phone :D

And yes, Leroy ate like 3 packets of Fries! He's awesome and he now has a trauma for fries and anything that's potato *laughs* I think he used like ... 5 sachets of curry sauce to finish those fries. It's Yuxiang & Yongkit's fault, because ... they put their fries in too (.____.)

Attempted to fly a kite too!
Wanted to buy one, but it's so EXPENSIVE! ): so when we went to the beach, we actually fished out a kite from the sea, and Hongwei started to fly it for us! So we just fooled around on that breakwater and well, yes, fly kite and get sun tanned. A little later, the kite plunged down back into the sea, and the string broke ):

In the end;
Yilin and I attempted to fly a plastic bag 8D
we're just awesome, and I kept running around like crazy~ ohh! The guys also attempted a sumo-wrestling on the beach 8D Super hilarious *thumbs up* After that, we went to 7-11 (SEVEN ELEVEN) to buy drinks, and we decided to ditch the beach for arcade.

That resulted to us going all the way to Plaza Singapura and we started to play 8D I felt a little accomplished, since with the combined efforts of Sandy, Jiayan & I managed to get us up to Level 3 of that basketball game *whacked* the guys are awesome I tell you! it's like, every ball they threw went into the hoop!

They probably have faster reaction time. 

And after that, went to Mt. Alvernia to see my new baby cousin 8D weird, since he's like 16 years younger than me. Actually, just 15 years, 11 months and a few days younger. (since I'm yet to be technically 16.) not really keen to see how's Chinese New Year different at my Mother's mother place next year. Hostility towards them? Probably. It's just plain weird, since these twelve years were only me and my brother and for my beginning four years, which I can't really remember, was me alone.

I need to adapt to changes, since there would be so many changes going on a one go. *deep breath* I like my paternal grandparents/cousins/uncles/aunties better. (I'm bias, too bad.) probably because we're closer, since we visit them every week, unlike my maternal grandparent (grandmother), only meeting them/her for like a few times a year. *nods*

You know what?
I'm afraid of changes.