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Perching On The Soul
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Confess on MSN?
Date: Sunday, 21 November 2010 12:22 am

I want to just MSN you that I Like you and just offline. Ignore MSN & FB for tomorrow. I'm crazy right? *bitter laugh*

I swear I'm a little mental right now. I'm bugging Sandy, who's at her family chalet right now, boring herself to death (^-^)v And she tells me that she's drinking. I want to be drunk drunk! looking forward to my own family chalet now!

Tomorrow's swimming again! 8D Anyway, I didn't go for my chingay practice because I was stepped by someone's heel and it's now blueblack. *mutters strings of curses* and well, because of Wednesday's shopping, my leg is suffering from terrible cramps, so yeap. I didn't go for today's practice, since I can't dance with my leg like this ):

Gonna see him again on Friday. going cycling with them, so ~ Confessing now doesn't seems right? *nervous laugh* Plus, it's exactly one year since I've confessed to him. *wow!* I doubt he remembers it though 8D

He's still online.
I feel like just clicking on his name and just send an "I like you" to him! I'm crazy (-.-) Probably because of lack of sleep? *whacked*