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Perching On The Soul
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Study Break
Date: Wednesday, 13 October 2010 12:17 am

We're now having our STUDY BREAK! :D Like ... WOW. can you actually imagine that this freaking year has already passed like ... 9 and a half months? D: This is like soooo sad.

'O' Levels are approaching like so quickly!

and it's scary to think about it. PSLE is officially over, so my brother is nagging at me. oh gosh. He's terrible. Went for group study today at Jiayan's house! 8D
First time ever entering her house, for like four years.
amazing right? We're friends for 4 years, and this is the first time. (.____.) wow.

Anyway, I finished my 'A' maths and one question of Geography TODAY! and I've revised one chapter of the Geography textbook just now (^-^)v

Jiayan doesn't want to let us have lunch just now. 
she's so evil, and i spot potatoes under her plant 8D

went to CP for lunch, and I got hit by Isabel, and it's aching like hell now. Damn. For no reason! D:
Oh! Jiayan and I tried Pudding Milk Tea from Cup Walker today!
It's quite cool. But it's just pudding plus milk tea. Nothing really special. But it's the first time I'm ever drinking something like that! B)

And Jiayan had problems open her door in the morning. i have a picture of them trying to open the door in my phone, I'm just lazy to upload it. I'll probably upload the photos I've got when we're studying. There are also some with Isabel 8D

Somehow, I have a head splitting headache after lunch, and I blame caffeine. :\ in the milk tea! It went away when I popped in 2 Panadols. This is so stupid. ):
We were crapping half way when studying! Bringing up all those ridiculous stuffs we did in the past.
We also had this
of course, OBS wins 8D I'm a bias source well, because both me and Jiayan went to OBS~ We were talking about Jiayan taking a full five minutes being a statue on that plank before jumping down the jetty. 8D Damn, I want to go Jetty Jump-ing again :x

because we're awesome~