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O levels is here!
Date: Thursday, 28 October 2010 12:27 pm

I'ma Happy fangirl now 8D
Because it's YamaJima hugging each other on Yuto's birthday (the guy wearing the cake hat) on Stage during their SUMMARY 2010! :D

It's awesome alright? and this is an official photo because it's from the JUMP Fan booklet vol.5, and i'm sooooooooooo waiting for the HQ version to be shared B)

On the side note,
'O' Levels have officially started! D:
Today's 'A' maths paper 1, and I'm kind of nervous. :\ because it's 'A' Maths! It's a big deal alright? :\

E maths papers were easy, which is really bad ): since there will be moderation, and ... I want my As ):
I'll be updating more after my Os :x well, i wasn't updating much this year. I was busy with life and fandom B)

And prom is coming! :D I've decided to do something, which i think is quite silly. :\