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Perching On The Soul
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Consultation ... ?!
Date: Thursday, 9 September 2010 8:26 pm

Consultation ... ?!
It was suppose to be, but look at what Sandy's DOING!

Yes, in the picture is Sandy Ong, using Mr Ng's iPhone to play Bejeweled Blitz (-____-)
argh. this girl is ridiculous :\ For me, I actually asked. but Jiayan is the most awesome person on Earth, because she keeps asking. Like WOW. And I tried to fool Mr Ng that my brother was my boyfriend, but failed miserably (.___.) oh well~ :D

ah yes, when we reached KFC, I have the shock of my life. There where like so many people I know there! and I felt extremely embarrassed, facing some people :\

and guess what?
I see those people smirking and grinning at each other when I stepped into KFC.

extremely embarrassed, like seriously. And apparently, Sandy Ong's news didn't excite me as much as she expected, probably because I wasn't there, and I have no idea how would that link to me. Because they didn't say my name, but instead, Sandy's :o so I guess that doesn't really have to be related to me (Y) who cares now?
I don't think I have enough time and energy for my love life.
I feel so tired. Of waiting and everything. but ohh well, after 6 weeks, I'll see how it goes.

oh, and apparently, there are people who stalkes . my . blog . my . twitter . my . facebook . and . probably . my . tumblr . and . livejournal . too. Ain't that wow? (.___.) Extremely surprised of course! but they are probably only stalking my FB and maybe twitter now, because I've not been updating my blog a lot :D well, I can't seem to write a very long post for a very long time now ... I wonder why.

AND SOUKON ROCKS! XD because Koyama tried to fit into a tiny car and I laughed like hell! picture below! :D
an adorably cute baka Koyama! :D

And so, for these days, I've been trying to finish my homework, and I'm also trying to download my Soukon, and also concerts! :D it's slow ): and I'm impatient. argh. but IT'S WORTH THE WAIT! because Soukon is an extremely cute and good variety show! XD it's a running variety, and it made me want to train and run for a marathon 8D

Jeslyn is now thinking of training to run a marathon after her 'O's.
and she thinks that her friends would think that she's crazy. because she hates to run.