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Perching On The Soul
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awesomely cute, KOYASHIGE!
Date: Saturday, 11 September 2010 9:51 pm

Shige: Eh, that kind of thing happens all the time. If I say them all, this page would be completely filled up. Is that okay?
Ryo: That would be troublesome. Pick out one example please.
Shige: Recently on the train...
Koyama: Ahhhh!! I'm so sorry about that!
Ryo: What, what, what happened?
Shige: Koyama suddenly fell down.
Everyone: Eeeeh!?
Koyama: No, if you say it like that, people will get the wrong idea! I was just standing normally, riding the train, and I was really, really tired and ended up falling asleep standing up. (Laughs)
Shige: I was standing next to him, and suddenly Koyama started to fall over, and I was like, "Watch out!" and ended up embracing Koyama in the middle of the train.
Yamapi: Oh, that's great! That's member love!
Koyama: I'm so embarrassed.

Seeing Koyama crying at the concert the other day, I just wanted to give him a hug. What’s up with getting so happy you cry!? That’s seriously too cute! Being defenseless against those feelings is unbearably sweet. (Shige)

- What recently made you happy?
Going to the beach with Shige
- What’s something good you did recently?
On the way home from the beach, even though I was tired I drove Shige all the way home.
- What place would you like to go on a date?
-If we were to kiss, it’d be in this situation.
Night at the beach.

Koyama ‘I prefer the king size bed!’

Shige ‘Me too. Well why don’t we just sleep together! I’m ok if it’s Koyama’

And because I move about quite restlessly, if there’s something for me to hug, I’ll tend to hug it…There’s a high possibility that I’ll move over to Shige.

‘That’s good. Ah we were really in a panic. Are you ok?’

‘Koyama, you’re really gentle ne….’





Tego running up from the sea with a smile,

‘Where did you guys go to?

"Invitation to Koyama Keiichiro!"
I would invite him to a south island. Maldive, Bora Bora, Miyakojima,... I would like to take him somewhere really beautiful. If I do that, it would be on a very special day. I'd cover his eyes with a blindfold, cover his ears with headphones, and make him get on the plane. On the beach, I'd have written something like "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Wedding" with seashells. But, from then on it would be a mess. I'd throw a cake at him, throw him in the ocean, and celebrate him in a rough manner (laugh).


K - Koyama
S - Shige
A - Audience

K: Frankly speaking, is there anyone who thinks that we’re disgusting?
A: Nope
K: We’ve exceeded the friendship between men, (we’re like) family
S: I feel that too
K: What does everyone think?
A: We think it’s good!
K: It’s good?
A: It’s a good feeling~
S: It’s probably like two people becoming one
K: That sounds a little disgusting?
A: Tegomass can’t beat (the both of you)
K: Tegomass can’t beat (us)?
A: They can’t beat (the both of you). We hope (the both of you) will get married
K: You hope (we’ll) get married?
A: *applauses*
S: If that’s the case, we’ll have to see who’s ogi and who’s yahagi*?