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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Sunday, 29 August 2010 12:54 am

feat. Kagamine Len(Left) & Kaagmine Rin(Right). oh wait. look. L&R XD

Mood: /sobs.
Music: Soundless Voice by Kagamine Len

Paper Plane

I need to explain a little. They sound a little robotic because these two cuties in the above picture are actually PROGRAMMES! yes, like ... a soft ware

They are called Vocaloids. 
yes, and they are absolutely cool, and should be the next in-thing.
Anyway, the Vocaloid's original songs written by people, duhh! are tear-jerking, or just filled with murderous-intent, plain creepy or just plain happy and sweet :D They can even be twisted like, WOW! :D and they are just awe-some! The Kagamine twins/siblings/lovers seems to be able to sing really different genre of songs. Like Blues, etc. 

realised that they exsisted long time ago, but I got hooked on them yesterday ... okay, like on Friday, when I'm at home rotting for the whole day because I didn't have to go to school as my prelims are over, like YAY! Why did I get addicted to them? Because this pico guy was debuting and he can sing in a guy and girl's voice, and he was singing a Vocaloid's song in one of his videos.

Here's the video I saw!
warning: Boy Love & Girl Love, don't watch if you can't accept this kind of things. seriously.

and then ... I went for the originals instead! XD 
and I just started searching and searching, and I started to download tons of songs sung by Vocaloids ... this one amuses me the most! :D

I like the choreography~ :D

the previous post is the 2 songs that I love the most now. They made me cry like hell ): and also gave me tons of inspiration for my fanfictions! XD 

anyway, on Friday i saw mr Ng JJ, and I waved to him like mad in side my father's car, 
And he give me the "WHAT?!" face (.___.) 
and I just laughed like hell in the car XD

This is the art for the both of them when they sing 'Magnet' XD it's awesome!
anyway, Magnet is actually a song about forbidden love, and if you see them as twins, it makes sense. BUT THEY ARE ADORABLE!

I seriously need my sleep now. 
I've squealed at Len for the whole day XD