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Image heavy post!
Date: Tuesday, 24 August 2010 7:16 pm

picture feat. Arashi! XD

Mood: YAHOO!
Music: Step and Go by Arashi

I think the next thing we know, our principal would be confiscating our textbooks.
 her requests and rules are ... *no comments*

anyway, I'm crazy about blog shopping now ): That's quite bad actually. I just ordered another piece of necklace! A replica of another Yama-chan's necklace of course! I bought the oh-so-famous star pendent one, and another that's back with a rectangular bead in the middle, quite nice :D the next thing I know, I would be buying Yama-chan's pink hoodie replica, where he wore that up on Showa HeiSei! really, that's a real buy because that's like so pretty! :D but the replica is made from China ... wonder if I'll fit in 

Anyway, I really feel tempted to buy JUMP's Debut single, Ultra Music Power. 
and yes, their fooling around and so cute and young, as seen in the 3 pictures below! full of YamaJima

But than again, I want to start the collection where this thing called Hey! Say! came out ...
So I should just dig even further, and try to find people who are willing to sell the original Hey! Say! 7's Hey! Say! single.

yes, I get all paranoid for them. esp. N.Yuto & Y.Ryosuke ohh! the second picture is really funny :D they are actually standing on elevated platforms~ (Y) also, the first one. Yuto tried to be funny, and so-called "stuck his fingers into Daiki's nose", not literally. well, they were told to close their eyes XD the making is sooooo worth to watch :D

those days we filled with YamaJima

I should start searching for these CDs. I wonder if I'll find them on HMV :D They are still selling these singles ... right? *prays profusely* 

on the side note, I'm not having any exam tomorrow, yayness! ahh i'm going crazy soon! :\