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I should be mugging
Date: Thursday, 26 August 2010 11:30 pm


like what Yamada Ryosuke is doing here. (PS: This is in Scrap Teacher where he acts as Takasugi~ okay, now you know why I chose Takasugi as my Japanese surname~ I should've chosen Kusano! because Yuto acts as him~)

yes, it's an event worth celebrating! I don't have to go to school tomorrow, like yayness?! :D anyway, was multi-tasking just now~ Using iPhone on one hand and using the computer with the other. I was playing Zombie Farm and Farm Story on iPhone just now~ now, some how I made my Farm Story hang there ... super stupid. so in the end, I've just deleted it and I'm now installing it again (.___.) it's major stupidity. okay, wait i'm impressed. I've deleted the app, but when i download it again, my old game is still there!

anyway, by next year, when the next iPhone come out, I'll be getting my daddy's iPhone 4 :D can't wait? let that next generation of iPhone come out quickly! XD iPhone 4 is like so much more slimmer than iPhone 3Gs. oh wait I'm getting so excited about all these now :D

My mummy swore that her iPhone 3Gs is going to explode because her phone is charging around ... 3-4 times a day. Due to the fact that me and my brother are taking turns to actually use it and play games! :D Farm Story and Zombie Farm! and loads more other crappy games which is fun in a way

and because I was playing, I missed the closing ceremony of the YOG. great.
And yes,
Japan won S.Korea in Table Tennis! 
Japan trashed them! XD that's why Zhi Wei reported to me XD omg!

Look, Morimoto Ryutaro agrees too XD

PS: i wrote my very first smut fic yesterday, ohh my. I just tainted my innocent record of fanfics!