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Hey! Say! WORDS
Date: Tuesday, 10 August 2010 9:59 pm

what? they are absolutely cute, hot, sexy, adorable, dorky, cool, handsome, ... insert more descriptive words here. POSITIVE ONES.

Yuto kind of proposed to Yama-chan on air today~ :x okay, it's because today's Hey! Say! WORDS. BUT! That didnt stop me, as a fangirl from dreaming and imagining right? and also, I think Yuto tried holding Yama-chan's hand while Yama-chan said his given lines :D yes, yes. I need translation, someone? :D

ohh no. I can bet that I'm going to write about these two again for tomorrow's English paper one :\ it's almost 80% confirm.

ANYWAY! I brought 2 shirts today~ :D yayness? 8D

oh yeah,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAKAJIMA YUTO, the awesome-est drummer boy :D
/ignore that guy at the side! FOCUS ON YUTO! :D