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Brown rice.
Date: Friday, 20 August 2010 10:17 pm

Mood: Sick
Music: Too Shy by Hey! Say! JUMP

i missed the times where we would all huddle at the back of the class and crap during the change of period.
Do you remember all those times?

currently, our house is having brown rice for dinner everyday. (.___.) It actually tastes okay, but it's BROWN, seriously. When it's cooked with white rice, I swear, it's PURPLE (o____o) seriously! It looks purple! I simply can't believe it! but anyway, I was away from school for two days. Yes, medical leave. Somehow, I think after I received my Chinese 'O' level results, the pressure was too big for me. *laughs* 

ohh F.Y.I, 
I've got B3 for my Chinese, with only a PASS for my oral.
not bad, for me. This means that I actually did quite well for my paper 1 and paper 2. I should be proud! :D

and so I've been at home, constantly sleeping ): I was forced to do so by a certain birthday boy yesterday and also my medicine

Talking about yesterday, I was running around GIANT in the morning! XD yes, when ALL OF YOU are in school~ I was sms-ing Chee Zheng too (^-^)v there was hardly anyone there! so I just pushed the trolley with all my might, and chased after it :D *I feel like a kid* than when I reached home and had my medicine, I ignored Chee Zheng's message and slept :x 

Woke up at about ... 12 plus to have my lunch :D Mummy brought it back for me! my whole family went out to eat without me and after that I went down to see the doctor, because mummy was fretting over what would happen if I lost my voice for oral on Monday. *which I hope would not happen*

This morning, I woke up at like 6.45am and rushed down to pass Sandy Ong the things for our class hoodie, and an extra present for Chee Zheng, who's birthday was yesterday! :D
and after that I just hit the sack :D woke up, had my breakfast and medicine, and I buried myself with Chemistry and 'E' maths :x I'm going to do some physics later (Y) 

and just now, I had Brown Fried Rice, while yesterday I had White & Brown Rice with Japanese Curry (._____.) ohh well, it gives me my fiber, and it's said that Brown Rice can help in reducing weight ... wonder if it's true :D Damn, I feel fever-ish now. I NEED TO EAT MY MEDICINE NOW! :\

on a side note, I chocked on my running nose pill yesterday, and it was absolutely horrible because the pill dissolves in water to give that awful taste and I tried to ignore it for the whole night yesterday. I felt like the whole pill was in my windpipe! D:

Let's all go out after prelim! :D
TO FLY KITE! pretty please? 8D