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medical leave!
Date: Monday, 26 July 2010 12:00 pm

Mood: Foul
Music: Deep Night Kimi Omou - Hey! Say! JUMP
Doing: Social Studies Healthcare Notes

Sometimes, Crying is a form of Self-Defence.
because it lets you be yourself.

I realised that only when I'm on sick leave from school, I'd have the mood to come and update my blog (.____.) It doesn't really help that me nose is currently running a marathon. Yes, life is great. (please note sarcasm here.) There's a Social Studies test tomorrow! On Managing Healthcare, Case study of Singapore and Britain's Healthcare.What can I say? I hate this topic to the core. I've never revised this topic AT ALL, mind you. Never before I've tried attempting this topic in my exams, and now I have a test on it. ohh so great.

So, now I'm sitting here, trying to type out my notes, 
which I am unsuccessful because of the internet.

Chinese 'O' levels had ended! And all of us are now just waiting for the results to come out on who-knows-when. Next up would be Prelims, the first one being our Practical Prelims, next Thursday. Ohh gosh. ): What can we do? It's the Singapore education system (.____.) All we can do is try to excel and survive. :\ Not much of a choice we have, do we?

And I'm not helping myself study because I'm on the net, and I was writing a fanfiction yesterday. Yeap, it doesn't help. Damn, it has been so long since I've typed out a post this long! :D

Ohh! let's give Farah a surprise if she stumbles into my humble blog! :D

he actually dye his eyebrows and mustache too. (.____.)