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Daiso Day
Date: Friday, 30 July 2010 8:43 pm

Music: Shinku by Hey! Say! JUMP
Waiting for: Audition's maintenance to be done

I am a dreamer
and he's my dream.

But actually, I was really tired in the morning. (shoot it, I'm tired for the whole day.) Yesterday night, sent personalized (motivational) good luck message to all of the people that had Chemistry SPA today :D (actually, I only sent to 8 of them) well, hoped that my message actually did helped them in some ways. I also gave Farah a good luck hug in the morning (^-^)v well, I did told them that I'd be giving them moral support while they are taking the exam :D hope that all went well for all of them (:

anyway, classes were ... errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Mrs Yong did say that my English Paper 2 book is really neat! :D (and I feel secretly proud of it) also, for my mock test, i had only 5 marks for my comprehension, but for my total, i had 21 marks! my Summary's mark is awesomely high! :D (do you mathematics to find out my summary marks!) even Jiayan and Sandy can't beat me! they got better marks for their comprehension! (Y) (and I am kind of proud, not for my comprehension, but SUMMARY)

ohh! for biology, my big big name was up on everyone's notes! XD Mrs Foo used my ... (what's that called?) ohh, it's called approach :\ I was surprised, yo! :D my big big name on everyone's note B)

After Mathematics ASP, I went to Daiso with those three ladies in the photograph~ but before that, we stopped at Long John Silver to fill our stomach! :D and we ran around Daiso, having fun! :D
and we brought those plastic bag for exams, sharing within 4 of us! and Sandy gave us each a highlighter! :D so we have matching highlighters now! (everything I have was YELLOW!)

I'm a yellow maniac!

and I'm meeting sandy at 10am on the bus tomorrow! :D going to reach RP @ 10.30a.m. tomorrow, and we're going to have breakfast together :D (we = Sandy, Isabel & me) well, Isabel and I have to do the test before tuition :\