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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Thursday, 10 June 2010 6:58 pm

picture feat. Nakajima Kento and Porker Face! (Y) hey! it was shown on TV in JAPAN

Mood: Excited, confused.
Music: Pride of Tomorrow by ... (i forgot)

because i dont understand you.

FINALLY NO MORE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! :D i was seriously getting so tired waking up so early everyday, even though it's holidays already (._____.) i'm officially now in combine science! :D happy? yes. sad? yes. lonely? super yes. xD I MISS THOSE PEOPLE THAT CRAPPED WITH ME DURING CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS! (T-T) esp. hanyong crapping in chemistry! and and farah and Esther Lee and Vanessa! oh well, EVERYONE IN THAT CLASS!

tomorrow i'm going out to K-BOX! :D with Sandy, Shi Lee, Xin Ying and Esther Lee! :D (hearts) i'm getting so excited and restless!

you know what? i dont understand how can you make me so confused, even when i dont see you for a day. (.____.) Esther told me somethings that happened yesterday before i reached school, and i was like ... opening and closing my mouth like a goldfish :\ seriously, i dont know what to think.