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super sarcastic tone.
Date: Friday, 16 April 2010 10:56 pm

picture feat. Jiayan's butt!

Mood: Pissed/Tired
Music: Seishun Amigo YamaJima ver.

you dont know how i want to talk to you in a super sarcastic tone
and hurt you as much as i've been hurt

yay, i'm sadistic (-_______-) school was bad enough. at least it rained in the morning! :D that's was super enjoyable, because i have this little hope that it'll rain so hard that it'll flood the WHOLE SINGAPORE! :D that's my dream~ :3 because i dont want to go to school ): and Singapore doesnt have SNOW to block the roads (-________-) that's why i chose flood! :D if not ... i dont know what other things i can hope for, so i wouldnt have to go to school (._______.) somehow, i hope that it'll rain more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more! AND MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MOARRRRRRRRRRR! :D

Guides Session was actually wow. i was super pissed that the whole company didnt do the badgework (-_______-) SERIOUSLY! about 35 people. all never do? ridiculous. but after that we slowly talked to them and well, i found out that my Sec1s are actually really really hilarious! :D and v. perv. we were actually gossiping 8D they laughed like hell when i imitated how Mr Kheng smiles 8D *grins*

After that we stayed back until real late, interviewing the Sec3s (: now i roughly know who's the next Company Leader! not that i'll disclose it :D stepping down next next week! :D i'm looking forward :3 next week there's no CCA because of Speech Day (.________.) and i'm not really looking forward to next week. in fact, i'm not looking forward to tomorrow. ): because there's tuition D: me no likes it