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Perching On The Soul
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of the love that was. of the love that is. of the love that lives.
Date: Friday, 23 April 2010 8:48 pm

picture feat. us at GUIDES! last year during newton's run CIP

Mood: Tired
Music: Sakura Girl by NewS

she dreams of the love that was. of the love that is. of the love that lives. And she knows eventually she’ll have to wake up.
ohh how true.

it's suppose to be funny, so please laugh (: 

school is alright i guess. (.______.) with random things happening :D let's skip those boring parts :D
after school, was like running around with Zheng Da, Han Yong and Farah to buy the drinks and cake :D to celebrate yi lin's birthday! AND AND! i feel so really bad that they were waiting for me until they grew a beard when i was having my lunch (._________.) so i brought my half eaten fish burger to the place outside the LRT and celebrated! :D 
Sandy Ong, he's a super duper extra plus chop gentleman, that's why he notices these little things we think that are insignificant
so we sang BIRTHDAY SONG! :D i think we're quite racist :x sorr-ayes farah! we sang it in THREE LANGUAGES! :D and yes, i have pictures of course! not many though ;\ YuXiang and Hong Wei had to leave first for speech day things, so we stuffed them with the cakes first :D 

i was staring at my piece of cake because it's filled with CREAM, yes evil cream! D: i ate the cake part and the cream part went to the dustbin ): sorry! and we just crapped there for really long! and i ate my fish burger of course! :D 

went back to school in time, and it's so frigging warm ): i drank so much water (-_______-) and we have to wear the TIE! oh my gosh. the TIE! D: but i think Jiayan is much more warmer, because she's in Guides Full Uniform :x and on a side note, he looks really good in uniform, and it's probably the last time i see him in his uniform D: 

so speech day is alright? OMG! MDM ONG'S POWERPOINT SLIDES ARE LIKE SO DAMN COOL! :D i was like, OHH! IT'S GUIDES! :D it appeared with NPCC (: yayness~

damn, i feel like putting on some really sad shows and crying my eyes out (-_______-)